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Unique Towns in Gunnison County, Colorado

Gunnison County is truly a unique Colorado destination. The county is home to about 17,000 people. The county is steeped in history that includes Native American origins, railroads, the Colorado Gold Rush and mining. While there's a lot of natural beauty to explore in the area, there are also some unique towns to visit, many of which feature several Colorado historical sites. Take a trip around the county with our travel guide to unique towns.
Marble, Colorado

For our journey around the county, we're going to start close to the Crystal Mountain Ranch with Marble. The town gets its name from the Yule Marble quarry, which has provided marble for many structures across the country, including the Tomb of the Unknowns and Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. It also sits near the Crystal ghost town and offers several historical sites such as the Haxby House and St. Paul's Church. There's also plenty of outdoor activities to do when you visit Marble.
Somerset, Colorado

Somerset is about 33 miles from Marble and is a small coal mining town. There's not much to do in Somerset, it does serve as a gateway to many outdoor activities and scenic drives. Somerset isn't far from Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Grand Mesa and Gunnison national forests and Raggeds Wilderness Area. The town is part of the West Elk Loop Byway.
Gunnison, Colorado

Gunnison is the county seat of the county and has the most people. It is about 125 miles from Marble but offers some great things to do for a day trip. The city doesn't sit in the mountains but rather at the base of many other mountain adventures such as hiking, mountain biking and other activities. The Gunnison River provides a man made whitewater park worth visiting or you can spend some time at the Gunnison Valley Observatory.
Tincup, Colorado

Tincup, about 166 miles from Marble, is another small town in the county that serves as a gateway to the outdoors. The Tin Cup Store provides many products for summer adventurers. There are also historic buildings in town but all are privately owned. Frenchy's Cafe on the Pond is a local restaurant worth visiting in the summer.
Pitkin, Colorado

Pitkin sits near Gunnison and is a quiet mountain town. There are many historic buildings on the main street but many are not open. Pitkin sits near the Alpine Tunnel, which is a 1,772 railroad path that runs through the Continental Divide. Families can find a fishing pond for children just off Colorado Road 765.
Ohio City, Colorado

A short distance from Pitkin sits Ohio City, which is largely a ghost town. Ohio City features a few of its original buildings from the late 1800s that reflect its gold mining history. There aren't many residents but there is a lot of outdoor recreation to be had nearby. There are plenty of off-road trails that take you to other nearby ghost towns.
Almont, Colorado

Almont sits at the point where the Taylor and East rivers join to make the Gunnison River. This is another small town that features some restaurants and a general store. Fishing is a popular attraction in the area but many come to go rafting on the Taylor River. There are many other great places to visit including outdoor recreation and nearby ghost towns.
Other Colorado Mining Towns

Much of the history of Gunnison County relates to mining thus the numerous ghost towns in the area are former mining establishments. Some of those old mining towns include Aberdeen, Baldwin, Pittsburg and Vulcan, all of which are considered ghost towns. Sapinero is another interesting town because it was moved from its former location at the creation of the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Wherever you choose to visit, there's a lot of history waiting for you to discover in Gunnison County.