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Jeep Tours and Off-Road Trails near Marble, Colorado

Crystal Mountain Ranch sits among some rough roads in the Colorado backcountry. Those rough roads aren't for everyone but they do provide a great route for jeeping and off-roading. There are many trails east to southeast of the Crystal Mill that provide for a great time. Accessing these off-road trails has never been easier thanks to jeep tours. Come explore one of the most popular thins to do in and around Marble with our guide to off-road trails.
Marble Jeep Tours

You don't have to go on these trails on your own. Crystal River Jeep Tours offers several different jeep tours for guests. The company is set in Marble and offers tours from Memorial Day weekend until the end of November. Tour times are subject to change based on weather conditions.

The company offers five different tours with rates set for the entire trip rather than per person. These tours include Sheep Mountain, Lead King Basin Loop, a tour of Crystal and a specialized tour. Some of the jeep tours offer to drop off and pick up at various backcountry trailheads including Lost Trail, Silver Creek and Geneva Lake. These jeep tours are an easy way to enjoy the beautiful off-road trails around Marble. 

Crystal City and Mill

This route starts in Marble and runs into Crystal, including the Crystal Mill. The official road name is County Road 3 and stretches for about 6 miles. Snowfall can close this trail but it is typically open from May until November. Riders can expect the trail to take about an hour. The end of the trail allows riders to see the ghost town of Crystal and the iconic Crystal Mill. You can pair this route with the Lead King Basin trail to make a complete loop back to Marble.

Lead King Basin

While the Crystal City route runs along the south end of Sheep Mountain, Lead King Basin runs along the north end. This trail is about 8 miles long and takes about two hours to traverse. The difficulty of the route is moderate. Riders will venture through a valley with Sheep Mountain to the south and Arkansas Mountain to the north. There are many idyllic attractions including waterfalls, mountain ridges, mountain views and switchbacks, among many others.

Schofield Pass

Schofield Pass requires you to access it via either the Lead King Basin or Crystal City trials. Schofield Pass is a moderate trail that runs for about 4.5 miles and takes about an hour and a half to complete. Taking the trail from the northwest to the southeast is an uphill climb. Taking this route will bring riders closer to Crested Butte, providing gorgeous views of meadows, forests, wildlife, wildflowers and the Crystal River. This trail is point to point.

Paradise Divide

On the southern end of Schofield Pass sits the Paradise Divide trail. The trail starts in Mount Crested Butte and loops around Mount Baldy as well as Gothic and Snodgrass mountains. Riders traveling through Schofield Pass enter the route about halfway through on the north end of Mount Baldy. The entirety of the route is almost 22 miles and takes about two hours to traverse. That length, however, would be less depending on how you take it.

Pearl Pass

Mount Crested Butte is an epicenter of Colorado off-road trails. One that may be worth your time is Pear Pass. The trail starts on the southern end of Crested Butte and runs almost 19 miles into the mountains northeast of the town. This route takes about four hours to complete and allows riders to cross the Continental Divide, among other natural scenery.