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Best Hikes near Marble, Colorado

The areas around Crystal Mill and Marble, Colorado have a number of excellent hiking trails for you to enjoy. Many of these trails are just a short distance from Crystal Mountain Ranch. Below, we've listed a few of our favorites. Distances from us are typically to trailheads.
Crystal City Road #314

  • Location: White River National Forest
  • Length: 9.0 miles out and back
  • Distance from us: 4.5 miles

Crystal City Road #314 is a moderately difficult out-and-back trail. Elevation gain is almost 1,400 feet. The trail is very popular with hikers and off-road drivers. Crystal City Road follows along Crystal River and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area, including Crystal Mill. If the weather's warm enough, you can also enjoy a swim in the river. For hiking, try to get an early start. That'll help you avoid the ATVs that are typically using the trail. Crystal City Road is especially beautiful in the fall, when colors are in full swing. Leashed dogs are welcome.

Anthracite Pass Trail

  • Location: White River National Forest
  • Length: 6.6 miles out and back
  • Distance from us: 8.7 miles

Anthracite Pass Trail is a difficult out-and-back trail that is appropriate for experienced hikers. Elevation gain is 2,214 feet. The trail winds through aspen groves, pine forests, and scenic meadows. You'll be able to enjoy views of the Raggeds Wilderness and a variety of wildflowers. Note that this trail is also open to horseback riders as well as hikers and backpackers. If you plan on doing any camping, stay at least 100 feet away from the trail and streams. Leashed dogs are welcome.

Avalanche Pass

  • Location: Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness
  • Length: 7.4 miles round trip
  • Distance from us: 4.7 miles

Avalanche Pass is a lightly-used, difficult trail located on the west side of the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. Elevation gain is just over 3,000 feet. The trail goes up along North Fork Creek and Buckskin Basin and through the pass at around 12,000 feet. From the pass, you'll have fantastic views of Capitol Peak, Mount Daly, and Snowmass Mountain. On the descent, you'll have great views of Treasure Mountain.

Raspberry Creek Loop

  • Location: Raggeds Wilderness
  • Length: 9.4 mile loop
  • Distance from us: 6.2 miles

Raspberry Creek Loop is a difficult trail that ascends through Raspberry Creek Valley, follows a ridge atop Marble Peak, and descends steeply through Anthracite Pass. (When hiking this trail, you do have an option to descend to Yule Creek Trailhead.) Elevation gain is 3,233 feet. At Marble Peak, you're treated to views of Capitol Peak, Snowmass Mountain, Treasure Mountain, and other parts of the Elk Mountains. Note that the parking lot near the trailhead is small; however, overflow parking is available at Mill Park about a quarter-mile away.

Geneva Lake

  • Location: Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness
  • Length: 4.2 miles round trip
  • Distance from us: 2.4 miles

The hike to Geneva Lake is relatively short and moderately difficult. It's a 4.2-mile hike, with an elevation gain of just over 1,300 feet. This is a very enjoyable hike that travels near waterfalls and wildflowers. You'll also have a view of the backside of Maroon Bells and views of Lead King Basin. If all that weren't enough, there's Geneva Lake. Geneva Lake will definitely make the entire hike worthwhile. It's a pristine alpine lake at the foot of Snowmass Mountain and Hagerman Peak. And Geneva Lake is a great place to fish for cutthroat trout, which are regularly stocked by the National Forest Service. Geneva Lake also has an outlet stream that creates a nice little waterfall.